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Donnerstag , 8. November

Yellow Eyes (USA) / Anicon (USA)

Black Metal

Yellow Eyes has been releasing intriguing black metal since 2010. From New York City, NewYork, this four man team has been at the forefront of the underground American black metal scene. Most followers of the sub genre will readily recognize and acknowledge Yellow Eyes as a sort of leading force behind many of the newer black metal conglomerates where race, politics and religion are no longer the focal point of the lyrics. Depression, loss, nature, and solitude all seem to be the focus, and with that, the musical composition, andmelodic tales that are spun meld particularly well with the sub genre. Although this is not a particularly new take on writing, Yellow Eyes delivers a notable contribution that stands ahead and apart for many reasons.

Anicon began as a two-man recording project in late 2010 and would perform live for the first time as a full band in December of 2012. Since then Anicon have played countless shows,  completed numerous tours, and released 7 original recordings — "Entropy Mantra" is the 8th. They've been described as an atmospheric band and they've been described as a riff band — they are both. Their only goal has been to write the most compelling music within their ability and to perform it with conviction. 

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€