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Samstag , 8. Dezember

The Mings (UK/NL) / Filthtones (D)

Garage Rock / trash rock n roll two-piece

Meanwhile back on Planet Mongo the evil Emperor Ming has been experimenting with self duplication, hoping to form an all Ming string quartet. However, his initial replication attempts fail after the Imperial Cloning Device becomes contaminated with the anti-matter of bald Englishman, a dead Dutchman and a particularly wild, hairy Brazilian. To his utter fury Ming discovers his creations are not only physically flawed but can barely play three chords. His chamber quartet plans in tatters the diabolic one decides upon another fiendish plan. He will send his Ming like creations to Earth as a rock n roll combo, where they are tasked with destroying the worlds moral and social fabric with primal garage band stupidity! Banished to earth these three strange musical reprobates - Bald Ming, Dead Ming and Wild Ming - begin their primitive musical rampage! They start by writing and recording a brutal garage surf garage punk album under the watchful yet unsuspecting eye of Dutch impresario Arjan Spies. They then hoodwink English record label 'Trashwax' into an album release before embarking on a merciless earth shattering European tour....

Unsubstantiated rumours that the band features Sir Bald Diddley aka Hipbone Slim, Dead Elvis, Marky Wildstone (Deadrocks)....


Filthtones - A granny from Thessaloniki and an outcast of Manchester met in Bonn and decided to only eat raw meat.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 9€