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Samstag , 27. Oktober

Maiorano (D) / New Rogues (D)

Garage Rock´n´Roll

Berlin-based collective MAIORANO skillfully fuse elements from 60s R&B, Funk & Soul with the intensity and attitude of Garage & Punk rock to create a vibrant sound steeped in Rock ‘n’ Roll heritage. While the music may be difficult to pigeon-hole, its appeal is instant and infectious. Dynamic & charismatic Italian front-man Alex Maiorano leads a stylish sextet composed of saxophone, trumpet, organ, guitar, bass & drums through powerful, lively & emotional songs which connect with the heart and soul of the audience.

Alex and drummer Alessio D’Alessandro originally played together in what was to be the first of many bands at age 14, writing their own songs and covering punk hits in a garage belonging to Alessio’s father. Years later in 2010, the pair packed their bags for Berlin in 2010 in an effort to meet and perform with international musicians and to reach a broader audience. As new members were enlisted, what began as a small folk/blues outfit organically evolved into an original powerhouse soul act.

After a year of playing sweaty shows in every dirty bar in Berlin, the band released their first record “Everything Boom!” on Off Label Records which was followed by a 7″ single “Decontrol” six months later. Now they are ready to release their second album "Glorious Days", recorded and produced by Danilo Silvestri (Giuda) in Rome.

MAIORANO have since gained a reputation as a wild soul, rock and roll band that command the stage with an energetic live performance which promises to have audiences howlin', hollerin' and shakin' their hips every-time!


From the dusty cellars of the Cologne underground comes quite the different 60s group! The "New Rogues" take the groove and style of classic Rhythm & Blues and freshen it up with beat energy and soul sensibility.
Prepare yourself for subtle arrangements, dedicated to make your feet shake and your hips move! It’s all about getting you locked in to the vintage swagger for these two ladies and four gentlemen. And they succeed – with music that is as raw as it is sensual!
Don’t miss out on their moody and soulful cover versions (tracks like The Emeralds‘ “King Lonely The Blue” and Jack Hammer’s “Down The Subway”) as well as their incredibly tuneful own compositions!


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€