Donnerstag , 28. Februar

Knochenfabrik (D)


1994-1998: Knochenfabrik veröffentlichen mehrere Punk Schallplatten und spielen ein Paar Konzerte. Von dem verdienten Geld kaufen sie sich Briketts für die Kohleofenheizungen ihrer Sozialwohnungen. Und Dosenbier.

1998-2008: Die Bandmitglieder gehen getrennte Wege und machen berufliche Karriere.

Seit 2008: Knochenfabrik spielen in unregelmässigen Abständen abwechselnd Reunion- und Abschiedskonzerte. Von dem verdienten Geld kaufen sie sich Energiesparheizkörper für Ihre Eigentumswohnungen. Und teuren Rotwein.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 10€



Samstag , 2. März

King Automatic (FRA)


As we are now nearing the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it is time to ask an essential question:

Where lies the future of Rock 'n' Roll?

Will we recycle old ideas ad infinitum - 3 chords boom chica boom, mimick the past and kneel and pray at the alter of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Ramones and the Cramps or will we introduce new musical concepts into Rock ‘n’ Roll, embrace the future and venture into unsafe yet exciting waters?

Will we limit ourselves by sticking to the musical traditions of the Western hemisphere only or will we seek inspiration across the four corners of our globe and make truly trans-global Rock ‘n‘ Roll?

It is time to expand the horizon and to seek out new territories - it is time to evolve and if that evolutionary process takes the shape of King Automatic...well that's all the better.

This Gentleman finds inspiration in Jamaican Rocksteady, Rhythm ‘n’Blues, Bebop and the tribal drumming of West Africa to mention only a few of the ingredients of a truly exotic musical cocktail.

In addition to the musical diversity to be found in his music, King Automatic has also freed Rock ‘n’ Roll from the lyrical cliché of: “I picked up my baby in a ’59 De Ville, we tore through the city seeking cheap thrills”. There is actually real songwriting at play here which adds a welcomed layer to the music we all like to drink, dance and make babies to.

Starting out in the mid-1990’s as the drummer of the legendary French Punk band Thundercrack, King Automatic took a radical turn at the beginning of the new Millenium and introduced a new dimension to the sound of one-man bands.

He began to sample and loop organ, guitar, harp and percussion sounds live on stage to create a truly sonic soundscape – close your eyes and you will swear you are listening to an orchestra.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 22h, Eintritt: 10€

King Automatic

King Automatic

Montag , 4. März

Pripjat (D) / Tempest (D)

Thrash Metal

Get your asses into a bunker, 'cause PRIPJAT are about to hit you! The four Amigos from Cologne, Germany are heading to a very straight direction: THRASH. And they love it – on and besides the stage. Those who have seen them live know about their energetic shows that kick the audience directly back to the 80s. But there is no room for nostalgia. The guys use all the elements that make this genre so great: Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Megadeth, Annihilator, Testament, Violator, Artillery or Havok – you name it! This mixture is not only fun, but leaves a deep and distinct impression. The unfamiliar name has a simple story. Kirill (Vocals, Guitar) and Eugen (Guitar) both come from Kiev, Ukraine – 80 kilometers away from the Tschernobyl nuclear plant. Their own lives as well as their parents’ lives have directly been influenced by the nuclear disaster back in '86. These guys know what they are yelling about. This is often reflected in their lyrics, like in 'Liquidators', 'Acid Rain' or the title track of the upcoming record 'Sons Of Tschernobyl'. An even though the message is very important, PRIPJAT are not deadly serious all the time. There is still some room for beer, boobs, and Beelzebub. Their statement nails it: “You can only play metal credibly if you love and live it!” While the band has been existing for only three years, they still managed to play a lot of gigs and record the four track demo 'Liquidators', which got very positive press response. It went even better for the debut record “Sons Of Tschernobyl” - an all-handmade piece of pissed-off in-your-face thrash. The press and fans response was overwhelming. The completely self recorded, mixed and mastered LP convinced the critics not only with its energy, diversity and a pissed off attitude. The raw and forceful sound contrasts to all the high end and ass licked modern productions. What a middle finger!


Razorsharp riffs, drums firing all over the place, thundrous bass and vocal attacks incorporating melodic hooklines as well as punchy shouts: that is what defines TEMPEST from Aachen, Germany! The quartett‘s debut recording, „When Hate Has Dominion“, comprises of 5 anthems of uncompromised Thrash Metal, which are ready to be unleashed onto the worldwide metal community – and this is just the very beginning!

Established in 2013 as a duo-project by Phil and Marco, it soon became obvious that ambitions exceeded the current situation, and thus the project became a full-scale band . During the following years, the two guitarists found fitting musicians in the form of Karsten on the bass and Gabor on the drums in order to achieve the sonic vision the two had – sophisticated thrash anthems, inspired by classic thrash elements without repeating the past. After long ongoing search for a decent vocalist, it turned out that Phil, besides of his role a guitarist, seemed to be a perfect fit for the vacant vocalist position as well as being just the right person to front the band on stage. With completed personell, the band startet recording their debut in 2017, called „When Hate has Dominion“, to be released during summer 2018. After recording the album, Karsten left the band and left space for Björn, who perfectly fitted the gap in the bands lineup during mid 2018.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€



Donnerstag , 7. März

MaidaVale (SWE) / Black Wanda (D)

Heavy Blues / Psychedelic Rock / Sludge Blues

“It sounds a bit like if Ace Frehley and Siouxsie Sioux jammed with The Doors at a late- night after party in a small and damp bedsit in London, if you know what I mean.”

– Roppongi Rocks Swedish four piece MaidaVale create a reckless, psychedelic rock that consistently breaks new ground and diverges from what’s expected.
After first emerging on the live rock scene in 2014, their 2016 debut album Tales of the Wicked West was received with open arms and launched them as one of the most promising new bands and gave them a busy schedule touring Europe the next year.
On their second album, released in early 2018, the band followed up with an even more experimental and dynamic sound that confirmed their place on the psych rock scene. Madness Is Too Pure was well received amongst both critics and fans for it’s bold and innovative take on the genre, and the bands’ live shows are constantly praised for its musicality and electric connection between musicians and audience.

Black Wanda passen mit ihrem heruntergekommenen Sludge Blues gut ins Roadhouse aus David Lynchs Kultserie Twin Peaks. Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave und Chris Isaak sitzen an der Bang Bang Bar und feiern dabei ihre Birthday Party.

Der Blues ist es, der alle verbindet und das musikalische Fundament für Black Wanda legt. Schräg und leicht morbid kommen die Songs daher, mal sanft, mal treibend, rau und auch mal hart. Harmonien die man sonst nur aus Metal-Szenarien kennt, mischen sich mit Surf-Guitar-Klängen und ergeben den typischen Black Wanda-Sound. Die Songs handeln von allen Unarten des täglichen, urbanen Lebens – Midlife Crisis, Depression, Tinder, Liebe, Psychoaktiva, Amphetamine und Regenbögen.

Black Wanda sind in ihrem eigenen Film. Geleckte Blues-Schemata und Stoner-Rock à la Blues Pills oder Kadavar überlassen sie anderen.

Supergroups gibt es vielleicht nur in L.A., aber Black Wanda bringen mehr als 100 Jahre Bühnenerfahrung und Intensität auf den Punkt. Der Gesang kommt von der Kölner Garage-Rock Band Burracho. Die twangy Gitarre und der knochige Bass kommen von den Kölner Noise-Rockern minusmen, Drums von den Dortmunder Stoner und Hardcore-Ikonen Twinearth und Get Rich or Die.

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 12€

Black Wanda


Black Wanda
Freitag , 8. März

Hellfire Radio Birthday Bash






Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€