Montag , 13. August

Ruby The Hatchet (USA) / Riot In The Attic (D)

Psychedelic-Rock / Rock

Ruby The Hatchet have been stalwarts of the occult psychedelic doom scene for a while now. Having signed to Tee Pee Records, their previous album Valley Of The Snake garnered enough attention to make them ones to watch within a crowded genre. There's something of a victory call about Planetary Space Child, their follow up to that album, as they aim to make good on that promise, and for the most part they do.


With a style that veers to the more classic side of rock, as Hammond organs vie for space over crunchy riffs, it is up to vocalist Jillian Taylor to summon up the occultisms abound in their music. Weaving a spell over the course of the album, she brings an elusive quality to the music which forms a bedrock for the more meat and potatoes moments, of which there are a few. On the whole though, the band throw in a wide mix of progressive riffs, harmonies and riffs to keep any self respecting rocker happy, making this album certainly one that stands out from the crowd.


Was kann dabei herauskommen, wenn man das Beste aus den 70ern mit modernem Sound und einem kompromisslosem Trio mischt?
Genau, feinster und lauter Rock!



Trotz einer gesunden Portion Humor nehmen die drei Kölner nicht alles auf die leichte Tour.
Ihre Texte beschäftigen sich mit persönlichen Erfahrungen und lebensnaher Sozialkritik und handeln von den berühmten Luxusproblemen, von denen wir ja nie genug bekommen.

Musikalisch spielen RITA einen groovigen, leicht psychedelisch angehauchten Rock, dessen Ursprung sich in den Rockheroen der 70er Jahre wieder findet.
Dabei halten sie sich nicht lange mit Nebensächlichkeiten auf.
2014 gegründet, wurde bereits im selben Jahr die erste EP „Lost & Found“ aufgenommen,
die Doppel EP „Under the Sun“ erschien daraufhin 2017 beim Label Monkey Road Records und ist auf allen Kanälen erhältlich.

RIOT IN THE ATTIC legen ein ordentliches Tempo vor, denn das Ziel ist klar definiert: Die Weltherrschaft!
Der Weg dorthin führt über Bühnen, auf denen diese erfahrenen Musiker bereits jetzt spielend ihr Publikum zu begeistern wissen.

Mit dem nötigen Ernst, aber auch mit einem lockeren Humor spielen sich die Drei in die Herzen aller Rock-Fans.
Um es einfach mal mit den Worten von Sänger Dan zu formulieren: „Für mich ist das Ziel von RIOT IN THE ATTIC, wie ein Schiff auf einer Reise zu sein.
Mal stürmig, mal entspannend. Wir können die Leute mitnehmen, die Reise müssen sie selbst antreten.“


„Hier treffen Retro-Vibes mit dezenten psychedelischen Old-School Momenten auf eine moderne Produktion und einen eingängigen Charme, der zum Weiterhören einlädt“
RockHard Magazin Mai 2016


Was kann dabei herauskommen, wenn man das Beste aus den 70ern mit modernem Sound und einem kompromisslosem Trio mischt?

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Ruby The Hatchet
Riot In The Attic

Ruby The Hatchet

Riot In The Attic
Mittwoch , 15. August

The Mis-Made (AUS) / Quattro Suzies (D)

Indie / Metal/ Pop/ Punk/ Rock

Klub der 40 präsentiert:


Originally formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter and lead guitarist, Jess Finlayson. Finlayson reigns from Australian, all female, hard rock Sydney band Nitocris, who tore through Australia and achieved many milestones, which included filling the main stage of Big Day Out, supporting Deep Purple, The Cult, Suicidal Tendencies and causing chaos and havoc through the 90’s and 2000’s.

With a pounding rhythm section (Rexy Yasa on Bass and Nerida Wu on drums) behind them, The Mis-Made released their second EP – Maelstrom in early 2015 with an east tour of Australia in support of the E.P, followed by an international tour of the UK/Europe, in Sept/Oct 2015, which saw them play with some amazing international bands such as, Mother's Cake, White Miles, The Kut and Ann My Guard. Produced by Lachlan Mitchell, Maelstrom is a combination of hard-edged, dark pop/rock, with haunting harmonies and catchy melodies. The E.P embodies eerie violins and travels through tales of war, sexism and the need for creative freedom.

2016 was another huge year for the band, ending with a bang for The Mis-Made after scoring the much coveted support spot for rock legends, L7 at The Metro in Sydney as well as a nomination at the 2016 Music Oz, Independent Music awards. The band have been touring relentlessly for the past 12 months covering a lot of ground on home soil with the double A-side single release, recorded at Faust studios in Prague during their 2015 tour of Europe. The Mis-Made finally completed their debut full length album, 'Changeling' with the first two singles released in November 2016 supported by two film clips for tracks Blood Money (Finlayson) and Ice (written by Jess Coram). Changeling was released on August 1st 2017 and is available for cd purchase and download through MGM Distribution.

2017 saw The Mis-Made completing another successful tour of Europe and the UK in 2017, including a performance on the Introducing Stage at the legendary Rebellion Punk Festival which resulted in the band being invited back for the second time and playing on one of the main stages.

The Mis-Made will touring Internationally once again and working on new material due for release in late 2018.


Die Quattro Suzies sind vier spät berufene Rockerinnen, die mit viel Spaß, aber ohne langjährige Instrumenten-Vorkenntnisse auf die Bühnen gestartet sind. Motto: Ohne Proben ganz nach oben! Und so covern sie was ihnen zwischen die Saiten gerät (z.B. Green Day, Tote Hosen...), zum Teil auf etwas eigene Art. Hauptsache fetzt!


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The Mis-Made
Quattro Suzies
Klub der 40

The Mis-Made

Quattro Suzies
Donnerstag , 16. August

Defiance (USA) / Grindhouse (D)

Anarcho Punk / HC Punk

Defiance formed in 1993 from the ashes of three of Portland’s seminal Anarcho-punk bands, Deprived, Resist, and Unamused. The original line up was Mike (guitar), Gibby (vocals), Kelly (bass), Tony (vocals), and Niff (drums). The band quickly made a name for themselves with their uncompromising no-frills punk rock, straight forward political lyrics, and imagery that could have been lifted from UK ‘82. It wasn’t long, either, before the band’s chaotic nature, penchant for alcohol and other indulgences, and a bad habit of attracting unwanted attention from the law gained them a reputation as, well, a little unpredictable…

Defiance has weathered the changes and the chaos of the past years, having released four full-length Lps, numerous singles and Eps, and multiple tours of the USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan and Canada.

Defiance are back with a vengeance, once again hitting the road with the original lineup of Mike, Gibby, Kelly and Niff - the same lineup that recorded the classic "No Future No Hope" LP.


Grindhouse aus Euskirchen und Köln spielen Hardcore mit Metaltouch.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€



Freitag , 17. August

Broken Teeth (UK) / Rough Youth (D)


Manchester 2007, in a scene plagued by throwaway metalcore acts, hardcore bands more concerned about their aesthetics and chasing management deals than writing a good song, BROKEN TEETH HC was born.

Setting out to do a band more in touch with the frustration and aggression that people deal with in everyday life, something more real and relatable to the three founding members of what would become a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide hardcore scene.


After years of hard work for the band, playing every show they were offered up and down the country and heading to mainland Europe for tours/weekenders/festivals whenever the opportunity presented itself, it soon paid off and they were soon being hand-picked by overseas acts such as TERROR, SICK OF IT ALL and TRAPPED UNDER ICE (to name but a few) as touring partners and the name BROKEN TEETH HC was making its stamp on the hardcore scene more and more with each tour.


Between such a hectic gigging schedule came the time to write and release three more 7” EPs, 2009's »Self-Titled« (Power Negi), 2010's »The Seeker« (Purgatory Records), 2012's »Aint No Rest For The Wicked« (Purgatory Records) as well as 2014's split 7” with THE MONGOLOIDS (Neutral Words Records/6131 Records) from New Jersey, USA, giving them the exposure to the American scene that might not have heard the name BROKEN TEETH HC before.


Following 2015's spot on the Persistence Tour in January, an appearance at United Blood Festival in Richmond, USA in March and (probably the bands biggest show to date) Hellfest in France in the summer, they locked themselves away to finally get started on a long awaited LP. After years of members changes the three founding members had finally found a concrete line-up in old friends from the scene Nial (bass) and Matt (guitar) and were finally ready to begin work on »At Peace Amongst Chaos«.


Along with producer Nick Jett (TERROR) they set out to lay down ten tracks of pure aggression and hatred towards modern society.


With Nuclear Blast Records at the helm of putting out this destroyer of a record, the stage is set for BROKEN TEETH HC to take their heavyweight sound to a whole new level.


They only go from strength to strength so make sure to catch them in 2016 and check out »At Peace Amongst Chaos«.


Rough Youth, die vierköpfige Truppe aus dem Kölner Umland hat zu ihrem ganz eigenem Sound gefunden. Dieser bedient sich verschiedener Elemente aus Hardcore, Metalcore sowie Beatdown und ist vor allem eines: Bretthart! stumpfes Geschrammel steht dabei allerdings nicht auf dem Programm, auch wenn es bei den Breakdowns immer ordentlich auf die Fresse gibt. Durch abwechslungsreiche Kompositionen gelingt es den Jungs sich von der breiten Masse abzuheben, weshalb sich ihre Musik auch nicht eindeutig einem bestimmten Genre zuordnen lässt.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21:30h, Eintritt: 9€

Broken Teeth
Rough Youth

Broken Teeth

Rough Youth
Samstag , 18. August

Deadline (BEL)

Gasoline Bluesy Rock'n'Roll

Asserted fetischists, Deadline plays a spontaneous Rock'n'Roll highly influenced by the early punk movement, the 50's Rock'n'Roll, the Swingin' London sound and both the Delta and Chicago Blues ! (Great influence indeed !) The band members exorcise their industrial origins (from Charleroi, Belgium's Coal Mine) in a great raced white-noise.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 22h, Eintritt: 8€