Montag , 24. September

Eläkeläiset (FIN)


Eläkeläiset sind die „größte Humppa-Band der Welt“. Sagen sie selbst, und wer wollte ihnen widersprechen? Nicht nur in ihrer Heimat sind die „Rentner“ eine Institution, deren Platten regelmäßig ganz vorne in den Charts auftauchen. Auch hierzulande hat die Band eine erstaunlich große und vor allem sehr treue Fangemeinde. Die Zahl ihrer Veröffentlichungen? Viele! Eine DVD wurde in Finnland übrigens mit Gold ausgezeichnet.


Humppa ist eine Art finnische Polka, immer eingeleitet von einem knappen, knallharten Schlagzeug-Intro. Musik, die sich sehr gut zu Polonaisen oder zum Schiebertanzen eignet. Eläkeläiset behaupten, dass alle Rock-, Pop- oder sonstigen Klassiker als Humppa-Versionen gespielt werden können und dann eigentlich erst so richtig gut klingen.


Humppa ist also...wenn vier durchgeknallte, selten nüchterne Finnen die bekanntesten Chart-Ohrwürmer aus Rock, Pop und Metal im Polka-Stil nicht nur covern, sondern „verbessern“. Der kleine Haken? Sie singen finnisch! Die Texte haben - entfernt - mit dem Original zu tun. Übersetzungs-Lücken füllen die Musiker einfach mit finnischen Schimpfwörtern oder „humppa“. Dazu malträtieren sie in atemberauschender Geschwindigkeit Bass, Akkordeon, Schlagzeug und Keyboard. Zu ihrem Bühnen-Instrumentarium gehören übrigens Kettensäge, Ninja-Stern, Schrotflinte und Schlagstock. Das beliebteste Spiel bei den Live-Shows der Finnen lautet :„Wie heißt denn jetzt dieser verdammte Song im Original?“ Kleine Nachhilfe: „Enter Sandman“ heißt „Soramonttuhumppa“ und „Macarena“ eben „Panojenkka.“ „Humppa Hallelujaa“ dürfte jeder Hörer allerdings auf Anhieb richtig zuordnen  können!


Im Jahr 2018 wird wieder gefeiert. 25 Jahre Eläkeläiset! 25 Jahre Humppa!

Das kann nur zu einem Infarkt führen…


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Dienstag , 25. September

The Toxics (FIN)

Garagepunk / Punkrock

Here is the one promo text you mayby allready had, this is for the full lenght album: " ”What we do is a secret, what we do is a hoax,” sings The Toxics on their debut album. There were no secrets or hoaxes in the making of the album but there were a lot of changes.
The Toxics is the love child of the singer Jens Hortling and the guitarist Ilkka Luttinen. It had always been a trio playing primitive garage rock. But in the years 2016 and 2017 the band had to reinvent itself. First they drafted a new guitarist Juha Laine and then they started to make a record. The sound of that record would be different from the old Toxics and not only because they brought a bass to the line up.
The first album has escaped from the garage towards more nuanced spaces. There’s pub rock, power pop and influences from 1960’s garage rock. Hortling’s voice and Luttinen’s guitar are recognizable but other than that the band sounds new.
In the year 2017 The Toxics have five members. Hortling sings, Luttinen and Laine play guitar, Ari-Pekka Heinola is on bass and Riku Korhonen on drums.
The song on which they sing about secrets and hoaxes is called: Secret. The Toxics may have stumbled but they never fell. They believe in the power of rock.
Mastered by Tim Warren"


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The Toxics

The Toxics

Mittwoch , 26. September

Menace (UK)


Menace were London’s first generation no-nonsense boot boys, pre-dating Sham 69 and Cockney Rejects who overtook them in terms of mass popularity.

They formed in 1976 at the Hope And Anchor in Islington when Webster met the other three members and were soon playing the Roxy. Their high-energy, unpretentious sets won them few admirers in the inkies e.g. the Press, but they swiftly built a strong following that brought together both punks and skinheads. They’re often cited as the first to unite this potentially volatile mix. However, there was nothing premeditated about the audience they attracted. “Sham were more overt in their leanings towards skinheads,” Martin told me. “We had that crossover thing. We liked that idea.” Partly because most of the band themselves were skinheads in their youth.

Half of the band were first generation Irish immigrants. “We were working class lads from around King’s Cross. Charlie and me came over from Ireland when we were about 14. We were both from the Galway area, but we didn’t actually know each other until we met in England. We were in the same class together, at St William Of York school, and being Irish, there was obviously an immediate connection. Steve Tannett was in the year below us. St William Of York was also John Lydon’s school. When we saw him on TV, when the punk thing got going, we couldn’t believe it we knew at school! He didn’t stand out. He wasn’t good at football and he wasn’t one of the tough kids.” Neither Casey nor Martin belonged in the ‘most likely to achieve’ category either. “You automatically became prefects in the fifth form at our school, and we were the only two that didn’t. Charlie lived round the corner from the school, so we’d go to his house make lunch and play our guitars. We hooked up with Steve Tannett after leaving school.” We stated in pub rock band Stonehenge in 1975.

Menace were initially signed to Miles Copeland’s Illegal Records and made their debut single in August 1977 with ‘Screwed Up’ backed by ‘Insane Society’. Charlie Harper of the UK Subs bought the very first copy when he bumped into Martin picking up the first box of singles from Copeland’s office. It was good, honest, working class sloganeering (“If we’re the working class/Why ain’t we got jobs?”) and more musically adept than you might imagine. Sniffing Glue trumpeted that they “are the best punk band in England today!” after witnessing some highly charged early shows at venues such as the Vortex and Hope And Anchor.  (Alex Ogg Author of ‘No More Heroes)


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Donnerstag , 27. September

TV Smith (UK)

Punkrock Singer - Songwriter

TV Smith was founder member, singer and songwriter for the Adverts, who formed in late 1976, and became one of the leading bands in the first wave of British punk rock. In early 1977, they performed regularly at the newly-opened Roxy Club in London, and gained cult success with the Stiff Records single "One Chord Wonders." Their next release, "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" became a hit record, leading to many radio and TV appearances and extensive media interest. A further single, No Time To Be 21, also entered the charts, and the band spent the rest of the year playing live, including major tours with The Damned and Iggy Pop. The album that followed in early 1978, "Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts," is still considered a genuine classic of the era and is often cited as one of the twenty best punk albums ever released.


The Adverts released one further album, Cast Of Thousands, before their split in 1979. Slammed by the critics at the time, the album was re-released recently on Fire Records to universal acclaim, and described by Mojo magazine as the long lost punk album that rivals The Clashs ‘London Calling.”


Immediately after the break up, TV formed TV Smith's Explorers, who achieved a U.K. hit in 1980 with the single Tomahawk Cruise and released one album, Last Words Of The Great Explorera year later. Lack of commercial success led to the band being dropped by their record label and their subsequent split. TV re-entered the live arena in 1986 with Cheap, before performing his first gigs as a solo artist in the early 90s. He has gone on to release a succession of critically-acclaimed albums, including “March Of The Giants” (1992), “Immortal Rich” (1995), “Generation Y” (1999), “Not A Bad Day” (2003), “Misinformation Overload(2006), “In The Arms Of My Enemy” (2008), and “Coming In To Land” (2011). He has also been involved in a number of collaborations with other bands, most notably with German superstars Die Toten Hosen, who performed as TV’s backing band on the album Useless.


At the request of his fans, in 2013 TV released “The Acoustic Sessions, an album of solo performances, recorded live in the studio with renowned producer Jon CafferyVive Le Rock magazine called it an album that sits alongside the Angry Brigade output of Pete Townsend, Roger Waters and Lou Reed, but hits you with the wallop of bare knuckle punk. Late 2014 saw the release of a new TV Smith album entitled I Delete," his sixteenth as a solo artist, which has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike.


Fiercely independent and determinedly embodying the original spirit of punk rock, TV continues to tour the world, bringing his epic solo show to ever-increasing audiences. Remarkably, he plays his concerts without a setlist and every performance contains a different selection of songs chosen on the night. He plays more than 120 gigs a year and has performed all over Europe, as well as the USA, Japan, Australia, South America, Russia – and even Heligoland.


Not content with playing live, TV has also has written about his on-the-road experiences in five books of highly popular Tour Diaries, described by “Sandman” and “American Gods” author Neil Gaiman as, hilarious, honest and incredibly true. The fifth and final volume, Book Of The Year, contains a write-up of every one of the 130 gigs TV played in 2013. In Autumn of 2016, TV’s first ever book of lyrics will be published by Foruli Codex. Exquisitely designed by Cure designer Andy Vella, and entitled “The Alternative Top 50,” the book comprises fifty of what are arguably TV’s best lyrics. It will be available as a conventional paperback, as well as an exclusive collectors’ hardback edition which includes a 10’ vinyl single that TV has recorded with Henry Rollins.


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TV Smith

TV Smith

Freitag , 28. September

As We Go (D)

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