Richie Ramone (USA) / Chaos Commute (D)


Mit diesem Statement hat Richie Ramone die komplette Tour abgesagt:

TOO TOUGH TO DIE.. but not too tough to skip this little medical tweak my doc is insisting on. so while i'm strong as ever, i do need to get in the shop and have it fixed. unfortunately, it needs to happen in the next few weeks (days?).. and so i need to reschedule my march and april tour dates.
I'm in real good shape, I have no fear.. and next time i see you i'll be as loud and fast as ever..


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Tut uns sehr leid!

Richie Ramone

Richie Ramone

Donnerstag , 21. März

Deville (SWE) / Sutter Kane (D)

Stoner Rock

When it all came together in 2004 Deville was born after some years of searching. Through a haze of rock, metal and stoner the members have found a way to do something that feels…

The line-up was complete when Åkesson came back from Australia and Hambitzer gave up soulless pop and joined the duo, Andy and Markus. Since the 2004 line-up there have been nearly 400 gigs and festivals in Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland,Germany,the Netherlands,Belgium,Austria,Czech Republic,Bulgaria,Switzerland,France,Italy,Lithuania,Portugal,Greece, Spain, U.K and in the U.S.

Daredevil Records released at the end of 2005 a double feature cd lp with Deville and gothenburgers Sergej the Freak called “Sergej the Freak meets Deville”.

Deville signed to Buzzville Records in 2007 and the first full length album with material recorded during the period -06 and -07 “Come Heavy Sleep” was released in Benelux, december 2007 and in the rest of Europe and the US in the beginning of 2008. “Hail the Black Sky” followed in june 2009 again through Buzzville in Europe and in the US and the touring in Europe continued.

During 2011 and 2012 the album “Hydra” was created and Jan Persson joined the forces on guitar when Martin left after recording the album.This new album was the most intense and elborate so far and received great reviews. In march 2013 “Hydra” was released on Small Stone Records. During the summer Andreas Wulkan (Death Ray Boot etc.) replaced Janne on lead guitar.

Touring continued through 2013 and 2014 in the US and Europe. The work on a new record began and the album “Make It Belong To Us” was recorded summer 2015 again at Sunnanå Studios and produced and mixed by drummer Markus Nilsson. It became a more progressive and metal influenced record but still with the significant hooks and melodies that the band is known for.Released in November 2015 on swedish label Fuzzorama Records.

In 2016 Markus Nilsson and Markus Åkesson decided to leave the band and the new lineup, announced in august, was complete with Martin Nobel on bass, known from bands as Bad Barber, and Martin Fässberg on drums, known from Quit your dayjob, Suma a.o.


Sutter Kane aus Köln machen Stoner Rock in brisanter Mixtur aus kontinentalem fuzzigem Gitarrenrock und deutschen Texten. Polternd wie ein rostiger Truck auf dem Highway brettern sie dahin und bewegen sich textlich zwischen Ironie und Wahnsinn, interpretiert zwischen zerbrechlichen Melodien und stimmgewaltigem Epos.


Neben der regelmäßigen Bespielung der heimischen Clubszene unternehmen sie auch gerne Ausflüge ins Umland, gerne als „Ländertour“  bezeichnet – Sauerland, Siegerland, Münsterland oder Bergisches Land ...


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€

Sutter Kane


Sutter Kane
Freitag , 22. März

NH3 (ITA) / Sinnfrei (D)

Skapunk / Punkrock

The story of NH3 starts in August 2002 in Villa San Martino district in Pesaro. The friendship that bonds the historic core of the band dates back to many years before, and the passion for the music has helped these guys to harmonize what has become the current line-up. Bleachers and sports arenas, the love for the roots of their working class district, the “united we stand” attitude and anti-racism/anti-fascism ideals, shape the nature of the band from the beginning. The Band takes its first steps and, with the adding of the winds section, they strongly move towards aggressive rhythms and active lyrics.

A continuous evolution and growth on the stage and on the road playing through Italy, ensures that in 2009 the first album of the band, called “30 Agosto 2002” , comes out.

The year 2011 marks a change in the story of the band from Pesaro: after spending the whole spring in the recording studios, they come up in a totally renewed version. With “EROI SENZA VOLTO” (which means “Faceless Heroes” One Step Records) the band reaches important stages and they start to get close to the italian ad foreign anti-fascist scene. The tour goes on with very good feedback, and for the first time NH3 can overstep the italian frontiers with their first European tour (Austria, Croatia, Germany Czech Republic). With experience, umilty and with the influence of the different places where NH3 have been playing in those 2 years , they finally come to the right mix that allows the band to write the third album. So in July 2013 a strong album was born: “RISE UP” (One Step Record), with a combat and militant sonority, an aggressive and strong sound, is also influenced by upbeat rhythms and punk hardcore.


The new album brings the band to his second European tour, by joining the rooster of Muttis booking. From 2013 and 2015 the boys have been taking their music all around clubs and festivals, from Berlin to Paris, to the Mighty Sound in Czech Republic. In 2016 they release “HATE AND HOPE” (Long Beach Records/Indie Box) with another European tour: Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, and Revenidas in Spain are just 2 of the most important festivals which give “Hate and Hope” its great success. NH3 become one of the most powerful bands in the European ska-core scene, with overwhelming and engaging live shows. In March 2019 their new studio record will be released: it will be strongly influenced by punk-hardcore and ska-funk sounds.


Ska, Punk und Rock'n'Roll? Skanken und pogen? Dann seid ihr bei Sinnfrei aus Düsseldorf richtig. 6 Jungs - 1 melodiöse Mixtur! Mal Offbeat, mal Punkrock ins Gesicht - volle Pulle Tanzmusik also, mit Texten zwischen Schwachsinn, Bierdurst und dem Finger in der Wunde.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 9€



Samstag , 23. März

The Recalls (D) / The Seen! (D)

60s Garage Psych Fuzz /Pop-Art Beat & Flower Punk

THE RECALLS sind eine deutsch-chilenische Band, die sich den Sechziger Jahren verschrieben haben. Allerdings haben sie den klassischen Beat in die Garage geschickt, um ihn dort mit einer eigenen Note zu versehen, die trotzdem noch genug Federhall und Fuzz für tanzwütige Menschen mitbringt. Ganz genau. Rickenbacker und Vox. An jedem möglichen Abend des Jahres haben es dir vier jungen Männer gerne laut und live.
2012 ist die Band einem Nebenprojekt entsprungen, das gerne an die Sechziger Jahre erinnert. Dabei haben die Jungs die analogen Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg besucht, um mit Melotron und Bandrekorder Retroklänge durchs Mikrofon zu jagen. Nach Ihrer Debut-LP vom Frühjahr 2014 erscheint nun bald ihr zweites Album!


Man nehme zwei Mods (w/m),  einen Garage-Punk und zwei Blumenkinder, stecke sie gemeinsam in einen Proberaum und warte ab... Kurz darauf ergibt sich ein interessanter und überaus explosiver Cocktail aus 60s Beat und Garage, von Westcoast-Pop bis Punkrock...prägnante guitar riffs, großartige hooklines, stilistische Vielseitigkeit und nicht zuletzt die ausdrucksstarke Stimme der Frontfrau machen THE SEEN! so einzigartig. Das ist der aktuelle Sound der <>!
Herbst 2016 erschien ihr Vinyldebut bei copaseDisques, stilgerecht im Format einer druckvollen 10 inch (45rpm).


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h; Eintritt 9€

The Recalls
The Seen!

The Recalls

The Seen!
Sonntag , 24. März

Reggae Workers of The World (USA)

Old School Reggae and Rhythm & Blues

Reggae Workers of The World is a supergroup composed of Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers, Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites and Nico Leonard of The Badasonics.

While on the road, between a busy Slackers' schedule and his own solo gigs, Vic Ruggiero began to think of a way to work with two of his favorite modern musicians—singer, Jesse Wagner, and drummer Nico Leonard—and how a collaboration with both could be made
In June 2013, Jesse & Vic ventured across the globe to meet for a short series of shows in Oahu, Hawaii. As the natural course of learning to play and sing together proceeded they began to find an intriguing repertoire. During one short week, they harmonized on everything
from a ska and calypso standards like “Shame & Scandal” to early rock n roll hits of The Everly Brothers and The Beatles.

A request from the audience for The Righteous Brothers took both singers and the crowd by surprise when they found it worked perfectly. It's obvious the two singers share an unequivocal reverence for reggae, rhythm n' blues and rock n' roll classics, (and the sentiments sung and
the styles which they impart). Hearing Vic and Jesse sing their favorites in sweet two part harmony sounded damn good. As lead singers and master harmonizers both this rare duo makes possible a wide array of styles; soul, rhythm & blues, ska, reggae and rock n' roll.


It's this range of possibilities that neither Vic nor Jesse seem deliver with such ease even in their respective bands or as separate solo acts. Enter Nico Leonard; in November 2013, with Nico at the recording desk, he and Vic recorded 4 songs at his Pum Pum Hotel recording studio in just a few spare hours. Nico has played in two touring bands--The Caroloregians & The Moon Invaders–simultaneously for over a decade and produced a dozen records of all styles. As busy working drummer he's played everything from ska and skinhead reggae to surf, garage rock and rare exotica 60's beats, and he's produced other artists of the same wide variety. He is widely respected for a breadth of skill as a drummer and producer/engineer which fits the stylistic latitude of this group perfectly. The trio will have Vic on bass, Jesse on the guitar, and
Nico on drums; a small band that can cover a lot of musical ground . Vic also plays keyboard, harmonica and accordion too, all of which might make a cameo.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 14€

Reggae Workers of The World

Reggae Workers of The World