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The Sonic Dawn [DEN] / The Mañana People [D]

Psychedelic Rock / Weird Folk

The rays of The Sonic Dawn are like a reminder that reality is only temporary. Flickering between light and darkness, their sound burns with an intensity that places the Danish trio among the top psychedelic acts of their time.

Following their first two album releases, The Sonic Dawn have toured Europe more or less constantly. Recently they supported desert rock legend and label mate, Brant Bjork, on 15 tour dates, only returning home to focus on their biggest work to date:

The Sonic Dawn's third full-length «ECLIPSE» is the product of a full year’s labor, with all 13 tracks carefully selected among over 40 candidates. Inspired by personal events and the current meltdown of the world as we know it, the songs deal with a feeling of despair that many will recognize, but also seem to say that we can heal and come out stronger, if we dare take the leap. The result is a cinematic journey in sonic technicolor. Here, even the catchiest melody casts a mysterious shadow, and every mind altering solo is torn out of Emil Bureau’s guitar as if it owed him money.


Eclipse was released Feb. 1st 2019 on Heavy Psych Sounds. It follows after Perception (Nasoni, 2015) and Into the Long Night (Heavy Psych Sounds, 2017) which gained the group a place in the hearts of many acid rock fans. Both albums have been reissued on vinyl and CD.


Homemade freak-folk and psych-country curiosities, ranging from theremin-driven honky tonk smashers, zombie-themed electro- pop ballads and horror spirituals. The Mañana People's output manages to swing harmoniously between the gutters of experimentation and the comfortable lightness of pop music.  


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The Sonic Dawn
The Mañana People

The Sonic Dawn

The Mañana People